How it Works


Masters Trade Lines can improve your credit score and create credit history as fast as 3 weeks!


Masters II disputes & settle all negative items on the credit report (collections, late payments, bankruptcy, public records, charge offs, auto repossessions, judgments, credit inquiries, etc.) we will continue to settle accounts with balances (only if is necessary). On this programs we have been able to delete up to 60% of the account with negative history or payment. That means that you don’t have to pay anything to the creditors for those accounts removed. When it comes to settlements we have been able to reduce the amount of debt up to 70% that means that you only pay 30% of the amount of debt (in some cases).


Our ID Theft program permanently removes ALL accounts, collections, credit inquiries, judgments, public records that do not belong to you.


This program will give you a FRESH START! By gaining control of your financial future and restore peace. Wipe out your debt, eliminate Credit Card Bills, eliminate medical Bills, stop eviction, stop Foreclosure Process and stop Wage Garnishment.


This program is designed to help families that are planning to buy a house in a period of one year or less. On this program our friendly specialist will analyze your credit report and identifying the negative items that are affecting your credit together we will create a strategy to get rid of it, and improve your credit score up to 640 fico score that is required to qualify for a mortgage loan.

*Disclaimer: Every case is different. Results may vary. Money back guarantee: if client follows the client’s responsibilities given at the time of signing the contract and the client’s don’t see any changes on their credit within 90 day.

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